Things I’m Into This Week: 05.22.2015

things I'm Into This Week: lemonade

I’m so glad this is a long weekend because I’M TIRED. This week was absolutely insane, but in all the madness. I managed to make two loaves of blueberry banana bread and some blueberry muffins to destress and make use of some of my over ripe fruit. I’m NOT a baker, my friends mock my attempts at baking, so I’m really pleased that they came out so well! The bread was moist, dense, and not too sweet, just the way I like them. The muffins weren’t overly sweet (I hate super sweet blueberry muffins, I want to taste the FRUIT not the sugar!) but were a little too dense for my liking. Still tweaking that one.


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Love it/Leave it: Derma Rollers

DNS derma roller for acne removal

Derma rolling or micro needle therapy involves gently rolling a derma roller, a tiny roller covered in sharp needles, all over your face or body. The tiny pin pricks are said to stimulate the skin’s healing process and allow products to penetrate more deeply. As a result, you can get rid of hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, acne, and other scarring quickly. It’s a process than can be done by a professional or at home.

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Music I’m Into This Week: 05.15.15

Another music edition! Since it’s spring, I thought I’d give you all a quick update on who I’ve been listening too. Lately, I’ve been really into what I call driving music. What makes a song driving music for me it’s two things: (1) good to sing along to (2) really good to listen to – either in a calm end of the day kinda way or a DANCE PARTY!!! kinda way.
Yes, I am aware that it’s a pretty huge range. So this post is going to focus more on the the first part of that range.

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