October 31, 2014

Weekend Update: "Spooky" Music Edition

Skeletons from Corpse Bride
Is it that time already?
 Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday, we have a music only post this weekend update. Some classics associated and hopefully something new that you've never heard of. And I promise there are some "antidotes" to the creep factor in some of these. Pinky promise. Just stick with me. *cues thunder and lightning*

October 30, 2014

Quick Bites: Cleansing Oils & Balms

Cleansing oils and balms are having their moment in the sun and I couldn't be happier. Because in terms of make up removal, they're the best thing to happen to me. I don't like using makeup wipes (unless I'm super lazy or on the road) because I don't think they remove all my makeup. And if I don't get everything off, I'm going to wake up with a face full of zits. Joys of sensitive skin.

October 29, 2014

Love it/Leave it: Mixtress Magic

I have a love/hate relationship with DIY products. I don't always have the time to make them.  Preserving them is a major issue. Getting high quality ingredients can be a chore, especially if you want fair trade/organic/etc, and are working with a limited budget (I really want someone to tell me why shipping costs are so outrageous).

October 28, 2014

Favorite Fine Haired Vloggers

I have fine hair. And it took me a while to accept that there are some styles that just aren't going to work for me (I don't have enough hair) and that I can't use some of the popular products in our community (too heavy). As a result, I always check out tutorials and reviews from folks with hair like mine to better predict how my hair is going to react.

October 27, 2014

Hair Idol: Angelique Noire

Angelique Noire

How many Black pinups have you seen? (Assuming you don't own a copy of Vintage Black Glamor) And more importantly, how many Black 21st century pinups have you seen? One of my favorite modern pinups/models is Angelique Noire. Unfortunately, her bio on her website is pretty short, so all I can really tell you is that she NAILS old Hollywood glamor like you've never seen.