November 16, 2011

Super Simple Updo

As you all probably know, I love updos. But I'm not very good at them. So I was really excited to come across this one by Naptural85 on youtube because it's actually *gasp* do able for someone who is updo challenged! It actually reminded me of a portrait I of Queen Elizabeth I but I haven't been able to locate it to include it in here! If I find it, I'll add the link! 

Yes, my earrings don't match. They aren't supposed to.
 I did this on a week old twist out right before wash day. Since all of my stretch head bands are stretched out (I've been using them for puffs or as a pony tail holder), I just added a pin in the front and one in the back to keep the band from moving too much. Which worked better than I expected, next time I will add a pin on each side to make sure it's extra secure since the wind managed to pull rebel pieces out.

If you want to learn how to do it, just watch the video below!

Do you think you'll be trying this style? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I just saw this the other day. I need to try this out cos I also am updo challenged. It looks lovely on you!

  2. How beautiful is this on you? It's such a classic look and OMG, I looooove that lipcolor you have on.

  3. @Aina: Try it! It literally took me about 2 minutes to do :)

    @B: Thanks B! I kinda wish I had done it on a slightly less "fuzzy" twist out. I love the texture in Naptural's video more than the one I got going on here. I'm wearing MAC's So Chaud! Lipstick! Its one of my favorites :)