ACL Update: Phantom Tendons and Spinning!

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I think I’m going to stop this feature soon. Because my knee is about 90% rehabbed. It’s still significantly weaker than my right leg, but I don’t think you need anymore updates on tiny, incremental changes as I work back to 100%.

What’s changed? Lots of spinning for one. I’m completely hooked. It’s done wonders for my knee and it’s really nice to be super sweaty and tired after working out. And (amazingly) I don’t mind riding a stationary bike anymore. Turns out having someone shout at you while blaring top 40 is infinitely less dull that sitting alone in a room with an ancient bike. Perks of spinning at my gym with a decent weight room? Access to leg press machines! I’ve been testing my leg once a week with those (can I do x reps with y weight without difficulty on each leg? If no, what’s the difference? Hint: The difference is never 0. And probably won’t be for a few more months) and I’ve noticed some insane improvements.

Something weird I’ve noticed, I’ve been having ~phantom tendon~ issues as I’ve been calling it. For no reason, I become accurately aware of my left ACL tendon not “belong.” Does that make sense? It’s not pain,  it’s just a “Hey! What is this thing! This isn’t mine! Alice Brain help!!” It’s weird. Has that happened to anyone before?

If this whole experience has taught me anything it’s that the human body is a truly amazing machine and I really should spend more time appreciating what mine (and others!) can do. Think about it, in July I got a new body part because someone somewhere’s brain thought reattaching pieces of tendon would totes work guizz! (true story: this is how science happens.) And after 8 months this mystery tendon has pretty much incorporated itself into my body because my body instinctively wants to heal and be healthy and strong. I didn’t tell it to do that. It just does! And the more you think about it, the crazier this gets. You never think about keeping your heart beating. It just does. Or how many times you need to blink to keep your eyes moist. They just do it themselves. We’re basically sitting in meat super computers!

How crazy is that!

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