December 28, 2013

Weekend Photo

Because New Year's is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, I'm thinking of completely redoing my beauty product organization system. It's part of the Be More Organized/Healthier/Better bug that I catch around this time of year. I'd like to make my set up neater and more accessible while looking pretty, elegant, and sleek. Doable right?

I'm very intrigued by these Muji storage units--sleek, modern and most importantly you can see everything in them. The only thing I dislike? The price. Two of these plastic units will set you back around $50 USD before shipping. For plastic! Yes, it's high quality plastic but it still seems a tad unreasonable.

But they do look stunning on your vanity. And the acrylic will make it very easy to see what's in each drawer and clean but...Ugh. So  expensive. Even the dupes on Ebay will set you back a pretty penny.

Has New Year Self-Improvement bug bit you? Have you taken up running? Clean eating? Or are you starting small like me and organizing? Tell me in the comments!

image source: Bisous Natasha


  1. There has got to be a cheaper alternative! Maybe IKEA? Like most, I want to be healthier in the New Year. Consistent vitamin taking is what I'm focusing on now.

  2. IKEA US doesn't even have small drawer sets! I tried looking online and everything they gave me are huge cabinet styles. I'm going to check out an office supply stores and see why they have--I know they carry small drawer units for not $50

  3. I keep my makeup in the muji draws ( I have one that comes with four thinner draws and one that is the two like pictured above). If it helps I bought them one at a time so it didn't feel like as much of a large purchase. I've had them for about a year now and I do like them but before that I used a cheaper alternative which was the sterilite brand clear 3 draw set (under $10 and sold in Target, Walmart, etc). The Muji brand is more aesthetically pleasing (looks really sleek in my opinion) but if it's something that will be in your bathroom and no one will really see it, you can do other less expensive alternatives. Also if you live in the new york city area they have a muji store in soho so you can see them all in person and not have to pay for shipping! Hope that helps!

    Francy @

  4. I've been looking at the Sterilte ones! But you're right, they're not nearly as pretty at the Muji ones. I've been looking at the 5 drawer one ( because I really want to lie everything flat in rows, but the depth is an issue. I wish there had a three drawer set. That would have been PERFECT.

  5. i'm currently in the same boat. i'm looking to build/re-vamp my make up collection and want storage units to organize it all nicely. these muji units are nice, but i've also come across some at the container store.

    they are still on the high end, but could possibly be a good alternative.

  6. Ohhh...I'll definitely check those out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Ohhh...I'll definitely check those out. Thanks for the recommendation!