Love it or Leave it: Denman Brush

Zebra Denman Brushes
Did you know they came in such fancy colors?

Since we’re already talking about tools, why not put the Denman brush on the chopping block? It’s got a reputation for being one of the best tools on the market for detangling, distributing product, and achieving curl definition. But it’s also known for ripping your hair out, causing split ends, and being excessively expensive with its $10-20 price tag.

 My experiences with the Denman brush (and it’s knock offs) have been overwhelmingly positive. Before I moved on to a paddle brush, it was my favorite detangling tool and a regular in my routine since I went natural. But once my hair grew past a TWA*, I couldn’t use it straight out the box. I had to removed every other row of teeth to lower the risk of me tearing my hair out because I’m impatient.

Do you love the Denman Brush or any of it’s knock offs? Hate them? Tell me in the comments!

*I switched to a Goody knock off because I had the mini Denman. Once I was out of TWA Land it was too small to detangle my hair effectively and I couldn’t justify the cost of the larger version (I’m not paying $15+ for a brush!). Especially since Goody’s is pretty much identical to it in terms of construction and performance. 

image source: denman brush
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  • LaNeshe

    I won one in a giveaway and modified but I think I’ve used it maybe once a year since I’ve had it lol. I finger detangle so I very rarely use tools, I feel like they all pull more hair out than my fingers.

  • AliceinNappyland

    I’m tempted to try finger tangling exclusively for a month or two just to see what would happen. I’m worried about those nasty, tiny knots that exist purely to make my life harder. :(

  • LaNeshe

    When it’s a single strand knot, I’ve just resolved that there is nothing I can do with it lol, but when it’s two or more strands in a knot I can usually get it out with some coconut oil. I’ve noticed that a large amount of the time when I have those, it’s not hair causing them but some other fibers from my clothes or something.