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Have you heard of “hair botox?” No? No problem! Apparently it’s a combination of a deep conditioner and keratin treatment and some promise an “anti-aging” effect. Yeah, pretty big claims. Our favorite natural hair scientist checks it out to see if it’s all hyper or if there is actually something tangible behind all this talk. 

Remember the love it/leave it posts on parabens? I started poking around and I found this excellent breakdown of different types of preservatives by the Beauty Brains. It’s super easy to understand for those diving into the world of cosmetic chemistry or someone who just wants to understand a label better.

Too much science for you? Take a breather with one of my favorite online games–2048. Just a warning, it’s incredibly addicting. Especially if you keep getting so close but never quite making it to 2048. And if you’re up for a challenge, why not go for the elusive 4096?

It’s hot here. You’ve already heard me complain about the weather here and the only thing on my mind lately are cold treats. And these Popsicle? They’re kinda perfect. Champagne and flowers? Blackberry and Chèvre? Excuse me while I head to the pool with a floppy hat and these fancy ice pops.

Song of the week is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. I fell in love with this song ages and ages ago but I never remembered the lyrics enough to actually figure out who sung it or the name of the song. But thanks to smartphone technology, I finally have all that information! Woo hoo!

What was the highlight of your week? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. A Simple Thing says

    A friend of mine got me and Wonder addicted to it. I fell off the bandwagon but I caught Wonder playing it just this morning….and he’s already gotten to 2048! I’m like, give up already!

  2. A Simple Thing says

    *raises hand* I’ve been in this protective style for the past….8? 9 weeks? 3 more weeks and then I take it out for a big, deep wash.

    But I’m seriously considering doing a similar thing from September till December and then January to April again….My (ultra-fine) hair is thriving and I feel a lot better about my hair. My main concern is that I would retain so much length, I wouldn’t know how to style it after that!

  3. Jc Jc says

    I loved this post! I tried the game and I love Dreams, some other artist version but this one is really good, probably the original!

  4. says

    Yep-the Fleetwood Mac one is the original but the song has been covered 11 billion times. What’s crazy is I haven’t found a cover that ISN’T good! That’s the power of good songwriting.

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