June 6, 2014

Weekend Photo

I didn't realize that the World Cup was starting so soon until PS mentioned it and sent me into a tizzy because I am not under any circumstances missing that opening. While falling down the football/soccer rabbit hole, I fell head over heels for ESPN's super graphic World Cup posters by Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira. Every team has one so if you don't see yours, don't panic! They got love too! I just didn't feature them in my little collage.

I've always had issues shaping my brows because I don't have much of a natural arch. That's why I love getting them threaded, those ladies wave their magic fingers and my furry little caterpillars turn into beautifully arched butterflies. But no more! Makeup Game on Point's video on brow shaping while archless will keep me out of their chair for a long while. Hopefully.

This review of X-Men Days of Future Past by "Kitty Pryde," the character shafted in Singer's movie thus making me even more anti-X-Men movie than I already was, is 12 kinds of fabulous. Seriously, she's the star of this storyline! This is what made her a Thing! Why is she relegated to a background role?! Gah!

Song of the week is Wonder by Naughty Boy featuring Emeli Sandé. This week started off pretty rough for me and stayed that way and I found myself humming this when things got completely chaotic. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love my afro pic! I use it mostly on the weekends, when I want my hair to be REALLY big and voluminous. Just adds an extra pizzazz to my same old wash and goes.

  2. I LOVE THAT SONG! I forced one of my classes to do it acapella last year :D Emeli Sandé's voice is ridiculously rich and I don't understand why she doesn't get more recognition -____-

  3. Me neither! I was sure something big was going to happen for her after her Olympic performance but nada :(

  4. I have never had or used one! When I first went natural and did wear a picked our fro sometimes I used a regular comb.