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Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Are they?

There is a subscription box service for pretty much everything now:

  • jewelry
  • makeup
  • hair products
  • snacks
  • even ~adult fun time~ products

But are they actually worth it? Is something I’ve been asking myself lately because I’ve been thinking about signing up for few and I keep stopping just short of putting in my card information.

I Like Kits

I like samples. And I like sample kits. You should know that by now. So you’d think a subscription box service would be right up my alley. I get a package (I never get packages! This is exciting!) once a month full of goodies for me to play with and share with you all. And I love that. I love getting mail that isn’t a bill. Getting a PACKAGE? Full of pretty things? That would rock my socks. Out comes the credit card.

Not So Fast…

The card goes back in my wallet when I think about the money I’d be spending over time. On samples. I’m a crazy budgeter so every beauty/fashion purchase, no matter how necessary and functional needs to be compared against The Budget. And with the money I spend per month on the box, I could save up and get a full sized version of an Exactly What I Want productNo surprises. No, gee wiz what am I supposed to do with this? No eh gads this doesn’t match my skin tone at all. Just the perfect product (according to all my research, sampling and swatching) for my needs. Think about it, at $10 a month (cheapest bag I’ve seen so far) for five months, I would have spent $50. I could have spent the same $50 on an Urban Decay Paletteor 10 bottles of Aussie Moist or a 16oz jar of my beloved Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Cream (and I’d have some money left over for smoothies!).


As a result, I think subscription boxes are great for those who have their core lineup of hair, makeup, beauty, snacks, jewelry, whatever. down pat. You have you favorites and you really don’t need anything new but you like playing with new stuff and love surprises. Me? I don’t have a core line up for anything relating to hair and makeup AND I don’t like surprises, I like knowing exactly what a product does and how it behaves before I make a purchase, which is why I’m not one of those bloggers who picks up something new as soon as it comes out. Is it bad for traffic? Probably. But it’s very good on my wallet and I’m rarely disappointed with things I buy!  

Your Thoughts?

How do you feel about subscription boxes? Are you a fan? Are you a hater? Tell me in the comments! 

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