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Beauty Assessment

Two weeks ago I mentioned I was going to do a beauty assessment. Take some time to sort through my products and make a list of what I actually use regularly, what’s nice to have and what I really, really need so my transition to a more minimalist routine could go more smoothly. And here are the results!

I don’t want to let it go…

When it comes to makeup, my problem is doubles, triples, quadruples of my favorite types of products. I have a ridiculous amount of rosy nude lipsticks and face powders. We’re not even going to TALK about eyeliner. I love them to death and my stash proves it.

My essentials list is much longer than most. It’s probably longer than any sane person’s. But that’s because I really enjoy wearing makeup! My every day routine is product heavy (10 EASY) and I rotate between a few looks. Throw in the fact I like to have fun and experiment and…

Going Forward

What does that mean for the future? A strong focus on FINISHING products I have and keeping a closer eye on expiration dates. Like I mentioned a paragraph ago, I tend to stock pile products I like. And some of them are old. Too old to use. So I’ll be spending a weekend tossing gross lipsticks and creams that are past their expiration date.

Skincare is a bit of a doozy. I’ve JUST started figuring out what my skin likes and needs. And it needs to stay hydrated, exfoliated, pampered, and doused in sun protection. I’ve slowly built up a collection of products that work for me but that’s not where my problem is.

My problem are samples. I have a box full of minis and sample packs that I need to use. I have a box full of minis and sample packs that I need to use up and get rid of. Looks like a swap party is in order!

Have you done a beauty assessment lately? Planning one in the future? Tell me in the comments!

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