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Alice in Nappyland is a personal blog. The reviews featured on Alice in Nappyland are based on my personal experience and opinion. If you have a completely different experience with something I’ve reviewed, I strongly encourage you to respectfully share it in the comments because that information may be useful to someone.

I am not responsible for any problems or complications you have from trying a product I positively review. If you have any issues, problems, or complications, you should immediately contact your doctor or health care professional. I am not a makeup artist, skin care or hair care professional and I cannot predict how something with react or behave for you. I am just a girl who loves makeup and hair products and sharing her experiences on the Internet.

I buy most of the products featured on this site with my hard earned money. However, I do accept products to review from brands and PR representatives. Anything I receive for review will be clearly marked as such. If you’re a PR representative, please note that sending me a product does not guarantee a positive review or even published review. PR representatives and/or brands are not allowed to pre-approve content.

Alice in Nappyland uses “cookies” to enhance user experience. The information collected is used to improve Alice in Nappyland as a whole and will not be sold, traded, or rented. Occasionally generic, non-identifiable information may be shared with third parties to enhance user experience.


I occasionally use affiliate links and every post that includes them will be clearly noted as such. A commission is earned when a product link is clicked upon or when a product is purchased. This helps support Alice in Nappyland so I can continue bringing and improving on the content you see here.


This blog is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. What does that mean for you? It means you are free to share my work as long as you do not use it for commercial purposes, you do not edit/transform/build upon it, and if you choose to share my content, you must include a link back to the original post on Alice in Nappyland where you found the content you are sharing. You may not republish or use any images or content found on Alice in Nappyland without written consent.

Images not taken by or for Alice in Nappyland but are used on this site belong on their respectful copyright holder and will always be credited as such. If you are a copyright holder and you see an image that I have credited incorrectly or you would like removed, please contact me via email. I am happy to honor your request.


The rules, they are simple, easy, and are here to ensure that you enjoy your stay at Alice in Nappyland and come back to visit us often.

  1. Don’t be a jerk. Rudeness in any form is not tolerated. Your comment will be deleted and you will be banned if your comment includes hate speech, abusive language, threats, or trolling.
  2. Read the notes in red from “The Management” when they appear at the top of certain posts. There is usually very important and useful information in there.
  3. Do not leave advertisements or referral links in the comments. If you would like your business featured on my site, please contact me via email.
  4. Spam and irrelevant comments will be deleted immediately.