Embracing Minimalism (Slowly)

One of the reasons I disappeared towards the end last year were the sudden illnesses and/or deaths of several friends and family members. One night, during a particularly rough patch, I stood in front of my closet and said “this needs to go. All of it. Right. Now.” I tore through it and ended up donating or selling two garbage bags worth of stuff. The next day, I tackled my hair and makeup stashes. Everything I didn’t use got a new home or headed straight to the garbage bin.

I can’t say it brought me clarity, which seems to be a trend in the minimalism world, but it did help me feel a bit better, which is what I desperately needed.

Since then, I’ve kept purging. Just at a much slower, more controlled, and less impulsive pace. A few items here. Some more there. My book shelves are organized for the first time in…let’s just say “a very long time.” I found a vintage watch that I got for my 18th birthday that I thought was lost forever. Even old papers that I forgot I’d written resurfaced (and we’re promptly thrown away – they were truly terrible no wonder I “forgot” them).

It’s also gotten me to seriously focus on polishing off (most of) my stash. And focusing future purchases on things I’m legitimately interested or intrigued by. I’ve been in the natural hair game for a while and at this point, I know what formulas and ingredients work for me and what will end in a disaster. As for makeup, I need to focus on not getting sucked into the newest! hottest! best! and accepting that I shouldn’t have to work to make a product work for me. If I can’t get it to work after a few tries, take it back. Save your pennies for something you’ll love!

I don’t think I’ll ever be capable of extreme minimalism – the kind with 4 shirts, 3 pants, etc. That’s not my style or who I am at all. I like variety (and I like layering too much). But I do like the idea of a carefully edited wardrobe and cosmetic collection full of things that work well for me and I enjoy wearing/using.

Are you a minimalist? Not a fan of anything associated with it? Tell me in the comments below!

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