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Favorite Masks For A DIY Facial

I’m really into layering skin care products. Very into it. But I’m most into layering masks for a DIY facial to unwind on Friday nights. Because what’s better than putting on your favorite lounge wear, curling up with a good book, a cup of extremely hot mint tea, and an facial?

My Inspiration

After weeks of trial and error, the formula that works well for me ended up coming from an old article on Into the Gloss which suggested using three masks back to back. Even though that sounds complicated (and a bit excessive) on paper. It’s not that difficult and the entire process can be finished in 20 minutes. If you don’t count the “sleeping” part of the sleeping mask I use at the end.

First – The Peel Mask

After taking all my makeup off and washing my face, I like to start this DIY facial off with Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask. I love peel off masks because they’re one of the most entertaining and satisfying ways to exfoliate your skin. I like this one because it doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin thanks to the cucumber nor does it dry it out. A quick tip: make sure you don’t get this on your eyebrows! I’ve yanked some hair off while peeling this mask off and it was not a pleasant experience.

Next – Another Mask

I follow that up with an Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (aka bentonite clay) mask. I’ve been using this particular brand of bentonite clay for years and my skin LOVES IT. Nothing gets my skin clearer, smoother, or my pores looking smaller. There are tons of recipes out there for how to make a bentonite clay mask, but mixing it with plain old water works best for my skin. The fact that it’s super affordable, lasts forever, and is very accessible (it can find it in any health food store) is the icing on the cake.

The Sleeping Mask

I end my at DIY facial with Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Sleeping masks are pretty new to the United States, but have been popular in Asia thanks to their ability to rehydrate your skin while you sleep. It’s an extremely light weight gel that I apply all over my face instead of my moisturizer before I read three more chapters go to bed. I haven’t had an issue with it transferring or ruing my pillows, which was a concern because it is can take a while to dry down completely.

And that’s how I like to unwind and prepare for the weekend. What’s your favorite way to relax after a hard week? Tell me in the comments!

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