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Foreo Luna Mini Review

After going back and forth on cleansing brushes, I ended up snagging a Foreo Luna Mini (aka “The Face Vibrator” according to my friend KMC) from Sephora. I picked this one because it (1) didn’t have brush heads, which made it more affordable in the long run, (2) it’s silicone and therefore super easy to clean, and (3) it’s super cute!

The Foreo Luna Mini has two cleansing “zones.” The front section is for regular cleansing while the back is for deep cleansing. Because I have very sensitive skin, I only use the front section. I tried it a few times with the back section but I found it a little too harsh. If you have normal skin you shouldn’t have a problem using both sides.

It’s very simple to use: remove all makeup, apply a cleanser, turn on the Foreo Luna Mini by pushing the button on the front, and move it gently over each section on your face for 15 seconds. Don’t worry, it will pulse letting you know that your time on that section is done. Then move onto the next one. Once you’re time is up, the Foreo Luna Mini will pulse three times. Rinse your face and the device off and boom. Done. Continue with the rest of your skin care routine.

Because it’s so small and charges extremely quickly (about an hour) via USB,  it’s great for traveling. But more importantly, the battery life is amazing. Since I purchased this back in April, I haven’t had to recharge it ONCE. I’m still using it off the initial charge!

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with this brush. Mostly because it helped a raised scar on my nose from my piercing fade to almost nothing over the course of a few months. Which is a very big deal because I’ve been super self conscious about it. I’ve also noticed fewer bumpies (tiny bumps that usually congregate on my cheeks but aren’t actual zits. They look more like a rash but don’t itch) since I’ve started using it and the ones that I do end up getting, clear up much faster. My skin feels cleaner and I really enjoy using it. Can’t ask for much more.

Is something like the Foreo Luna Mini or a Clarisonic necessary? Absolutely not. Do I love having one? A hundred times yes!

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