Minimalism Update: Thoughts & Future

In 2015 I decided I wanted to live more simply and intentionally, much like a minimalist. I hoped changing my perceptions on “stuff” would lead to quicker, stress free mornings and and overall sense of balance. I started small, by tackling my closet. Since that March, its shrunk considerably and now only contains clothes I love and wear often. My makeup and hair product stashes were up next. And tackling them have lead to some…interesting revelations.

I started by getting rid of products that didn’t fit my style, I didn’t like using, or expired. Then everything was organized by product type on my vanity or in a bathroom cabinet. For the first time in quite a while, I was excited to do my makeup in the morning. My hair care routine was fun and efficient. Everything was going swimmingly!

But when I reflected on The State of My Counters and Drawers at the beginning of the year, I noticed my stash didn’t seem much smaller. After the purge, I gradually replaced all the products I got rid of with products for my “signature look.” Opps. My collection of rose nude lipsticks, neutral eyeshadows, and highlighters almost doubled! I had backups for backups of deep conditioners and leave ins. When did this experiment become a colossal failure?!

Things went wrong moment I started purging.  I should have figured out what my ideal routine looks like in terms of products I absolutely cannot live without and requirements for them before getting rid of anything. I should have asked myself “do I want all my products to be cruelty free? Fragrance free? Have a large shade range?” and jotted those answers down. I should have referenced those answers every time I went shopping. That way I would have picked up only replacements of much loved products or items I actually needed. Because let’s be honest, no one needs 5 rose nude lipsticks. NO ONE.

That’s my goal for Spring 2016: define my beauty needs and build a routine that fits my busy lifestyle. And stick to it!

What are your product and stash goals for 2016? Tell me in the comments below!

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