Things I’m Into This Week 04-03-2015

Things Im Into This Week 04-03-2015

I needed to buy new dress pants for work this week. And you know I want I found? Ankle pants. Everything was an ankle pant. I hate ankle pants. I have a border lining irrational hatred of ankle pants. I’m pretty convinced no one looks good in them with the exception of the modelesque who look great in anything. Four stores (and many unshed tears) later, I was able to find ONE, just ONE pair of pants that were actual pants and fit beautifully. Ugh.

I told myself I would do a “no buy” for the month of April, but then I got word that L’Oreal was launching a new member of the Miss Manga mascara collection that promises what looks like actual manga lashes, I tossed that out the window. Assuming I find it in the month of April. It’s entirely possible it doesn’t show up in local drugstores/ULTA until May. Cross your fingers!

You know what makes working out fun? Geekery. Just like this Lord of the Rings inspired workout.

Any of you thinking about seeing Crimson Peak?

I’m a  huge fan of Guillermo del Toro and Tom Hiddleston so it was already on my “too watch” list, but the moment Stephen King, the KING of horror, declared it “f-king terrifying” made me take a step back. I’m no longer sure I can handle this.

Broke…On purpose? Yes! It’s a great way to save money and rethink your finances.

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know what the song of the week is! It’s Janelle Monáe & Jidenna‘s Yoga!

Do you share my hatred of ankle pants? Tell me in the comments!

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