I wrote this post the morning after I got my hair cut. I debated sharing it since it’s coming from a pretty ugly place – one of the ugliest I’ve ever been in since starting my natural hair journey. I think it’s important to show ALL aspects of having natural hair. And that includes the immediate, gut reactions of going from BSL+ to a TWA. Am I doing better now? A little. But it’s going to take time for me to get to a place where I’m 100% comfortable with my new ‘do.

What happened?

I did it. Another big chop. Into a tapered cut. But I didn’t preview or tease it on social media after. This haircut was a mistake. After it was done, I went home and cried. That’s how much I hated it. I texted friends who confirmed that yes, it did look as awful as I thought it did. I spent the night looking for a hair shop open on Sunday so I could buy a wig to wear to work because I had no idea how to make this work. Zero.

I was super excited in the chair as hair started falling around me. I was excited when I saw the shape taking place. Excited while she washed it, conditioned, it deep conditioned. All I could think of was how much time I was going to be saving. But seeing it for the first time after coming out of the dryer? Nope. I literally froze up staring at my reflection. The top was too long. The sides too short. Have my ears always stuck out this much?

I’m hoping this will pass. I’m hoping my panic is the result of the major learning curve associated with a style like this. I’m hoping I’ll figure something out while my hair grows back. Even if it makes taking it down a little more and completely killing the tapered-ness of the cut.

Until then. Here are some amazing tapered TWA tutorials that I’m going to channel on my own hair. I’m hoping I’ll be able to take some of the tricks shown here and end up with something I can work with.

Marley’s is WAY more dramatic and longer than mine. But it’s super cute on her and it’s giving me lots of ideas for when my hair grows in some more.

This method got me the closet to “presentable” thus far. However, I did it super late at night and it smooshed into something that wasn’t salvageable while I was asleep. Opps.

My hair texture in the front center region is completely different from the back of the sides. It’s looser and won’t stand up if it’s life depended on it. I’m hoping perm rods will hide some of the length and encourage it to curl a little more to match the back and sides.

Have you ever regretted a hair cut or style? Tell me in the comments.

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